Revolutionising customer experience

A more engaging, streamlined and enjoyable experience for insurance customers.


New client onboarding is a decisive moment. As Will Rogers said, "you never get a second chance to make a first impression", it better be good! But new registrations often mean red tape and therefore a terrible user experience.


MetLife was looking for a new approach to their customer onboarding process. They wanted their customers to explore their insurance needs, and maximise cross-selling and up-selling opportunities while completing an insurance application, all in a single meeting.


An accelerated application process:

• Automation of the onboarding pack: time reduction of the overall back-office process from 20 minutes to 3 seconds per client

• A captivating SmartQuote tool

• Boosted average conversion rate, cross-selling and basket size

• Further opportunities: sharing transversal knowledge of the client status between department at MetLife

"Innovation happened through playful collaboration with the client and listening to real users in the field from day one of this project."
Oliver Haas
UX/UI Designer