Quickbooks on steroids

Increased productivity for accounting firms and medium-sized businesses thanks to a cloud-based platform and state-of-the-art automation.


Accounting firms spend more than 50% of their time on manual data processing, limiting their ability to provide true value-added services. Eleven is a FinTech startup offering a cloud-based platform designed to help accounting practices efficiently manage documents in an integrated workflow.


To work with joint-venture partners to create an accounting platform of the future targeted at professional accountants and medium-sized businesses that meets go-to-market strategy requirements and is suitable for investor pitches. The product must be compelling enough to convince accounting departments to adopt.


  • Platform digitises documents with 99% accuracy
  • Reduces time spent on manual bookkeeping by more than half
  • Integrates document management and workflow
  • Exposes an open API for easy interaction
  • Revolutionises communication between accountants and their clients through journal entry conversations
  • Ready for go-to-market and further investment rounds
  • Tech Stack: Clojure, Clojure Script Datomic and AWS
  • Methodologies: Agile Software Development, Lean Start Up and Design Thinking.
"We deep-dived into understanding the mechanics of accounting to develop a sturdy and scalable technical architecture based on Datomic and Clojure."
Chief Innovation Officer