Flipping the script on waste management

A homegrown app promoting better business and more sustainable practices in the construction industry.


Bouygues is a global leader in construction and services, operating in over 80 countries. As the name behind numerous flagship residential, commercial and government buildings, the brand’s mission lies in innovation and sustainability.


The risk of wasting resources is ever-present in the business of large-scale construction projects. To better meet its goals, Bouygues wanted to build a tool to monitor material consumption throughout the construction life cycle, and cut down waste in the work they were doing, all in real-time.


  • Using an Agile/Lean development approach, PALO IT created a waste management system app that houses a full store catalog; enables digital check-ins, check-outs and returns of items; and creates thorough reports based on these activities.
  • The mobile platform offers a comprehensive look at the ebb and flow of current projects, and also will facilitate more accurate estimation during pre-construction tender phases, more precise bidding processes, and more well-informed approaches to future projects.
  • The app also works as an educational tool for Bouygues, sensitising the team to gaps in quality, and alerting them of potential for improvement. Ultimately, the end-to-end visibility the app provides promotes a company culture of wasting less and caring more.
“Partnering with Bouygues on this project was a ‘win-win-win’—PALO IT laid down roots in the construction sector, Bouygues bettered their business practices, and the world prospered from less unnecessary waste.”
Managing Director