SACEM | France

Automating and scaling music royalties collection and redistribution

Increased collaboration and simplified processes for complex data needs.


SACEM (Society of Authors, Composers and Publishers of Music) collects and redistributes royalties on behalf of their +160,000 members and +500,000 clients. Multi-territorial deals, continued digitisation of content delivery and multi-channel consumption leads to ever increasing data volumes and complexity, straining SACEM's existing systems.


SACEM needed an improved system that would meet current and future demands for data processing and improve the accuracy and speed of royalty redistribution.


  • New, consolidated user interface supporting multi-role profiles, increased team collaboration and smoother royalties processing
  • Enhanced feature set
  • Significant team efficiency, improved accuracy and reduced processing time
  • Future-proofed management and storage of big data
  • Scalable infrastructure.
"SACEM deals with very complex processes and tremendous amounts of data. We developed a solution up to the challenge of increased activity. The application enables SACEM to raise its level of competencies and improve its productivity"