Integrating Agile at scale into project workflows

Raising the bar for team collaboration, and bolstering operational performance for a forerunner in biometrics.


As a global leader in augmented identity and biometric identification solutions, IDEMIA operates at the forefront of groundbreaking cyber security measures.

Whether it's reinforcing facial recognition security for MNCs, or delivering national eID cards for nations across the globe, the company is an indispensable partner in the financial, telecom, identity, public security and IoT sectors just to name a few.


With a team of 13,000 employees serving customers in more than 180 countries, IDEMIA turned to Agile, and worked with PALO IT, to increase communication efficiency between teams, streamline time to market, and fully scale up their growing market position in the digital economy.


  • Implementation of Agile at scale to better synchronise the development and integration Scrum teams (using SAFe & Nexus frameworks)
  • Magnified burnup KPI forecasting to give accurate visibility of project time and cost
  • New Agile roles and ceremonies at scale to facilitate cross-service communication and tear down silos
  • A culture of "done”, and an increased team-wide commitment to delivery
"PALO IT efficiently supported us in the Agile transformation of our engineering teams, and catered to the specificities of our business throughout the project."
Patrick Descamps
Engineering Transformation Manager, PSI HQ, IDEMIA